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        Recent News

        Vaping Business: Pros and Cons

        Vapes or e-cigarettes are articles pour vapoteurs chomedey that have already entered the market. Throughout the years, it is well-known to have a high demand. And because of this, business opportunities have sprouted everywhere. But is it wise for you to start a vaping business now? What are the pros and cons of starting one? Read on to find out. The Pros It’s a good business venture Vapes come with a variety of business opportunities. You can try an online vape shop or an actual vape hub where vape users can meet and hang ...

        Spotlight on Energy Tech

        The energy sector of Canada has been recognized globally with its production of energy resources and the implementation and development of technology for improving efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts. This is particularly important around the home, where home experts say energy technology is on the rise. The energy brand is internationally renowned and the export opportunities are solid. The question will be how to make the most out of the knowledge, experience, and innovation of the energy sector in order to move forward towards a global economy of low-carbon and high-energy in the near future. The Spotlight ...

        Spotlight on Cannabis and the Bioeconomy

        Canada made the first steps towards the advancement of all other developed countries by legalizing cannabis for people using the it for medical and recreational purposes. We have been seeking for opportunities for more innovation on research and more development on production. Furthermore, we have also been building Canadian cannabis companies that can be global leaders. The Spotlight aims to answer questions regarding how certain institutions like the government, the private sector, the researchers, and other valuable stakeholders align themselves to the aforementioned ‘advancing’ mission and what opportunities are waiting when...

        Spotlight on Future Cities

        Like all other countries, progressive or still progressing, Canada’s urbanization is growing at an accelerated pace. The cities are becoming larger in size and so are the challenges being faced and the quality of life being attained. The Spotlight aims to explain the major challenges the growing cities of Canada are facing in terms of mobility, design, civic action, housing, climate change, and more. It also aims to provide the needed approach in order to make the design for future cities as liveable, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous as possible. Key Points The design and construction of cities in Canada are ...

        Ideas to Boost Up Your School Fundraising Activities

        School Fundraising Activities like custom hoodies printing engrave to students the idea of being involved in one community. It lets them create, show-off, and do their best for a common cause. Funds collected on these activities are being used for books, maintenance of facilities, school events, trips, and programs. Classic fundraising activities involve the purchase of someone else’s expertise and selling them to the public through the name of the school. It can totally raise funds but not as fast and as large as handmade can. Reselling products may cost large capitals ...

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